Wiese Forderelemente Gmbh

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  • Pendelbecherwerk
  • Becherwerk
  • Pendelbecherwerke
  • Becherwerke
  • Gummikette
  • Gummiblockkette
  • Förderelemente
  • Fördertechnik
  • Pendelbecher
  • Förderer
  • Förderanlagen
  • Schüttgut
  • Schüttgüter
  • Elevatoren
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  • Wiese
  • Wiese Germany
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  • tilt bucket conveyor
  • swing bucket conveyor
  • pivot bucket conveyor
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  • conveyers
  • conveyer
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  • rubber block chain
  • conveyor chain
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  • mechanical conveyors
  • pivoting bucket
  • buckets
  • bulk materials handling
  • elevators
  • bucket elevator
  • grid belt
  • confectionary
  • food processing
  • pharmaceutical

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  • Wiese
  • Wiese-Germany
  • przenośnik kubełkowy kołyskowy
  • przenośnik kubełkowy taśmowy
  • przenośniki kubełkowe
  • przenośniki
  • łańcuch gumowy
  • systemy transportu wewnętrznego
  • kubełek, kubełki
  • transport
  • urządzenia przenośnikowe
  • produkty sypkie
  • elewatory, konfekcjonowanie
  • farmacja

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  • Wiese-Alemania
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  • transportador cangilones continuos
  • elevador cangilones
  • transportador cangilones basculantes
  • transportador cangilones pivotantes
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  • transportador
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  • confitería
  • industria alimenticia
  • quimica
  • farmacéutico


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Experience means efficiency

Over the last 50 years, many industries dealing with bulk goods have
approached us with a whole range of issues. So we have in-depth
experience and can provide a one-stop solution:

WIESE conveys sensitive products,
chemicals or coarse building materials.

WIESE offers modular technology with
a range of serial production possibilities
to choose from. Giving you the
perfect solution.

WIESE products are an excellent
investment, delivered on time and
top support is given if layout
modifications are required at
a later date.

At WIESE we constantly develop
our conveying technology:
simply, reliably, effectively.

Efficiency is a matter of principle

Perfect interaction of just a few modules is the
principle of WIESE technology:

The drive element is the WIESE / RUBBERCHAIN /.

type “SEB” with the robust / CONTINUOUS BUCKET BELT /
makes one discharge possible at a high level of gentle
conveying capacity and requires little space.

type “P” with the flexible / PENDULUM BUCKET BELT /
makes various discharge points and layouts possible
with buckets that swing freely.

Both abrasive and sensitive products can be conveyed.

Efficiency is a passion
At WIESE, sales engineers, project management, design department, manufacturing site and service personnel cooperate closely to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction:

We start by understanding your problem. Our project engineers know
what you are talking about and will work out the best solution
with you. We are good at listening.

High quality standards
To ensure your conveyor runs perfectly, we guarantee
WIESE DIN EN ISO 9001 compliant quality standards,
short delivery periods and prompt fitting.

The reliability, speed and safety of / SERVICE / is
excellent: Years later you can still get that original
spare part. Wherever you are, trained servic