Stiavelli Pavan Group

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Production, Development and Assistance

Production is carried out in the plant located in Uzzano (Pistoia) where it is followed step by step by a team of top level engineers. During the production final phases all the machine functions are tested.

Research & Development is controlled by a technical staff priding themselves on dozens of years of experience in the packaging field. They co-operate with the marketing/production managing team of those campanies interested in developing exclusive projects.

The field engineering is carried out by Stiavelli qualified technicians whose activity range from the installation of brand new plants up to the service to older packaging lines.

An efficent spare parts department and a constantly updated storehouse are a guarantee of continuity for our customers.


Established in 1962 in Borgo a Buggiano (Pistoia) by Stiavelli brothers, the Company has rapidly imposed its trademark on the international markets specializing in the production of machines for the packaging of dry pasta, bread sticks, substitutes for bread in general, biscuits, dried fruit, salt, pet foods, candies and sweets.

In the year 2000 STIAVELLI becomes part of Pavan Group, world leader in the field of alimentary plants but still it keeps its own autonomy in terms of product design and construction.

The company development after Pavan acquisition has led to the increase of the plant surface which presently covers 4000 square meters and to the improvement of its capacity to offer continuosly developing packaging systems.


For dozens of years Stiavelli research has been studying the improvement of the most advanced packaging solutions suitable to offer the best answer to constantly changeable needs.

Nowadays Stiavelli whose activity is consolidated and well-known all over the world is ready to accept the very many challenges coming from the continuosly developing markets always keeping in mind its mission to give a contribution to the success of its clientele with its packaging lines and highly qualified services.

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