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  • Inglese

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  • Pavan, Group
  • Food,
  • Processing,
  • Solutions,
  • Dry pasta
  • Fresh pasta
  • Cereal treatment
  • Snacks
  • Dies and moulds
  • Packaging solutions
  • Storage
  • Handling


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Who we are

Specialized leaders with 60 years experience in the design and engineering of technologies for the food industry, providing integrated solutions made of ideas, innovation and expertise, from the handling of raw materials to the packaged product.

Our mission

To satisfy Customers requirements with an integrated approach as project partner.
Each project is carried out according to a specific engineering analysis of the production requirements and involving the Customer, step by step, from the design to the installation.
Our strength

Capacity of providing complete solutions: deep knowledge of the final product and of the entire process Industrialization of the best technological solutions (total vacuum, TAS drying)
Responsibility for the final result: from raw materials to the final packaging Financial soundness of the Company
Reliability of the machines and plants over the years.

Turnkey automatic production plants Drying machinerywith TAS Technology Supply of auxiliary plants And services Line supervisor Service of remote teleassistance

Cereal milling plants Rice milling plants Animal feed milling plants Mechanical and pneumatic ship unloaders, ship loaders, grain handling and storage

Turnkey automatic production plants Multi-tier cookers Thermal treatment Post-packaging treatment Kneader-sheeters/cutters Forming machines

Vertical and horizontal packaging machines Modified atmosphere packaging machines Check-weighers and metal detector systems Feeding systems Weighers and dosers

Turnkey automatic production plants Single and twin screw, gelatinizers and presses Former extruders Drying lines Special forming machines